Chain of lights on June 18 in Vienna

Austria 2009: Election campaigns with rabble-rousing posters at every turn.
Selective misinformation by political parties and several media.
Extrem right-wing fraternity members in important functions and
Assaults on victims of concentration camps
… all this is ordinary

… Ordinary? It doesn’t help to worry about.

We don’t think that contempt for mankind and discrimination would be
Let us point the way:

PRO respectful coexistence
PRO humane treatment for all
PRO joy at diversity instead of isolation in simplicity
PRO civil courage instead of averting our eyes
PRO fair discussion instead of mendacious propaganda

with a PROtest campaign followed by a chain of lights round the parliament
on June 18th at 7 p.m.
There will be a programme with music groups and speeches, followed by the
encirclement of the parliament – in which form will be appointed soon.


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Eine Antwort to “Chain of lights on June 18 in Vienna”

  1. babae Says:

    Ich bin dabei! Vielen Dank für die Information!

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